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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Simulation Application for the Assessment of the Energy Performance of a Building Renovated Using I-BEST System (Innovative Building Envelope through Smart Technology)

Cristina Carpino, Mario Maiolo, Patrizia Piro, Roberto Bruno, Natale Arcuri

Abstract: Energy renovation of existing buildings represents a fundamental action for achieving the objectives aimed at overcoming the climate crisis. However, several difficulties are encountered in building refurbishment. Among these are the high costs and long construction times, the invasiveness of interventions, which often prevent the usability of the building, and the impossibility of providing maintenance and verifying degradation of the underlying layers of the envelope. Regarding the systems, retrofit often causes substantial alterations to the building aesthetics, affecting its original character and defacing the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the integration of renewable sources is often hard to implement. The I-BEST system (Innovative Building Envelope through Smart Technology) is an innovative multifunction facade system for the redevelopment of the existing building stock, which aims to overcome these limits by offering a valid response to the growing demand for building recladding. The system consists of sliding modular and multi-functional panels supported by a metal and light load-bearing structure fixed on the external wall and spaced from it to create a suitable cavity for containing plant ducts. The purpose of the present work is to evaluate through dynamic simulation the energy performance of a building renovated with the I-BEST system.
Pages: 395 - 402