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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2022: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Innovative Approaches for Teaching BPS: First Implementations of Business Game-Like Activities

Andrea Gasparella

Abstract: Experiential Learning (ExL) has long been considered a useful and necessary tool in educational courses in several different fields, including engineering. Nevertheless, traditional didactical approaches have prevailed, in particular, in Bachelor and Master Engineering programs, at least in Italy. This implies the focus is kept more on theoretical aspects even for disciplines in which practical activities and learning by doing could provide the necessary competence for students to enter the job market promptly. Futhermore, ExL is recognized as providing a more immersive educational environment, capable of increasing participation and motivation in students. One of the techniques introduced by the ExL consists of roleplaygames, some of which in the form of business games. This work reports about the main outcomes from an initial implementation of a business game-like approach to train perspective building envelope and energy systems designers. In particular, the game is intended to train students in the use of building simulation, showing what the potential and the peculiarities of the job can be when approaching the market. In addition, since it is commonly recognized that, while BPS is widely used in teaching and research, it is not widespread among practitioners, the game was also conceived to promote BPS use in practice. The main features, including constraints and critical points, of the implementations within a university course in an Energy Engineering study program are described together with some suggestions for future improvements.
Pages: 533 - 540