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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


Comparison of EPC, DEC and Dynamic Thermal Simulation Results at Birmingham Airport

James Parker, Michael Oates, Paul Cropperand Li Shao

Abstract: In the United Kingdom (UK) Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are intended to indicate the energy efficiency potential of a building for owner/occupiers and Display Energy Certificates (DEC) provide a performance rating for an operational facility based upon metered data. This study uses dynamic thermal simulation (DTS) to evaluate the difference between the EPC and DEC results for the new International Pier at Birmingham Airport in the UK and to test the impact of EPC recommendations. The Pier building achieved an EPC rating of ‘B’ but the operational DEC rating of ‘F’ was much lower than anticipated. Differences between EPC, actual performance and simulation data have been analysed to identify the critical pieces of information that influence the disparate ratings. Conclusions consider the role of EPCs in designing this type of building and informing energy efficient operation.
Pages: 27 - 34