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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


A Calibrated Whole Building Simulation Approach to Assessing Retrofit Options for Birmingham Airport

James Parker, Paul Cropperand Li Shao

Abstract: Whole building simulation is considered best practice when estimating impacts of large scale retrofit. The main aim of this paper is to illustrate the importance of a calibrated simulation model in this process. An evidence based methodology is used to calibrate a dynamic thermal simulation (DTS) model of the terminal building at Birmingham Airport with monthly utility data. A methodology has been demonstrated for the calibration of a very large building with highly variable occupancy and operating profiles. Methods for calculating model inputs from a combination of measured data and site survey results are also described. Potential economic and environmental outcomes were calculated for the model at each stage of calibration. Results confirm the importance of internal heat gains in the accurate simulation of this type of building and show large errors in estimated CO₂ and cost savings from models that are not calibrated.
Pages: 49 - 56