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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


Daylight Visualizer and Energy & Indoor Climate Visualizer, a Suite of Simulation Tools for Residential Buildings

Peter Foldbjerg, Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, Nicolas Roy, Per Sahlin, Lars Ålenius, Henrik Wann Jensen, Claus Jensen

Abstract: The use of complex building simulation tools is less common in the design of residential buildings than it is for commercial buildings. In most cases, evaluations are only performed using mandatory compliance tools due to the limited time and expertise that the professionals responsible for the project have available. Tools that allow quick evaluations of residential buildings with regards to indoor environmental quality exist, but these rarely use the dynamic simulations necessary for evaluating the performance of natural ventilation and solar shading in freerunning buildings, and rarely offer the possibility to visualize the appearance of daylight in the room. Daylight Visualizer and Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer are free simulation tools with a simple and intuitive user interface permitting quick evaluation of residential buildings.
Pages: 205 - 212