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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


Dynamic Optimization of Integrated Operation Strategies for the Building VAV System and Night Ventilation Using the Simultaneous Collocation Method: a Case Study

Rongpeng Zhang, Yisu Nie, Khee Poh Lam

Abstract: This paper presents a systematic approach to address the dynamic optimization of integrated operation strategies for the building VAV system and night ventilation. The objective is to minimize the energy consumption of the cooling coil and fans in a typical summer day. In the optimization scheme, the physical model is developed per differential algebraic equations (DAEs). The simultaneous collocation method is introduced to translate the dynamic optimization problem into a nonlinear program (NLP), which is then implemented in the GAMS platform, using IPOPT as the solver. The case study results indicate that the optimized operation strategies lead to a 45.87% energy saving, and the total energy consumption drops by 6-10% if the value of the required predicted percentage dissatisfied (PPD) is increased by 1%.
Pages: 237 - 244