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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


A Unit of Space for Uk Urban Energy Modelling

Simon Taylorand Mark Rylatt

Abstract: Urban-scale energy modelling based on the characteristics of individual commercial premises poses a number of challenges, the most immediate of which is what precisely to model. For a range of reasons connected with their self-contained nature, individual non-domestic buildings would ideally be selected. However, the main information sources available, digital mapping and business taxation data, are not based on “buildings” and do not use the concept, thus making an automatic approach problematic. At the same time, manual identification of the distinct buildings in a city is not a practical proposition because of the numbers involved. A solution was found by identifying a new element of space in the built environment from an analysis of the relationships between the main data sources captured in the Local Land and Property Gazetteer.
Pages: 277 - 284