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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


An Approach to Visualising the Operational Mix of Renewable Generation Technologies Needed to Achieve Zero-Carbon Emissions From Compact Urban Dwellings

L.A. Steijger, R. A. Buswell, Vincent Smedley, S.K. Firth, P. Rowley

Abstract: There is an increasing demand for housing in the UK and the trend towards urban living is resulting in the redevelopment of inner city areas. Often sites are constrained by existing buildings and infrastructure and hence the choices over orientation and layout are limited, the roof area in particular. In addition, the living space is maximised to provide the greatest return on the initial investment and hence the area required for plant and equipment is at a premium. The drive towards producing dwellings that produce net zero-carbon emissions during operation places further constraints on the design of these buildings and results in a challenging web of interdependencies between the architectural layout of the building, the building fabric itself, the systems and their control, the renewable energy generation equipment and occupant demand for electricity and heat. Based on a case study, this paper presents an approach to break down these interdependencies into manageable stages and suggests a way to visualise the zero carbon performance as part of the overall design process. Keywords: Dynamic building simulation, Zero carbon (ZC) housing, Compact urban dwelling, energy demand profiles, on-site energy generation.
Pages: 293 - 300