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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


The Social Component of Building Performance Simulation: Understanding Architects

Sara Alsaadaniand Clarice Bleil De Souza

Abstract: Building performance simulations (BPS) have a significant potential in informing architects’ design decisions. However, architects seldom consider BPS as an integral element of their design processes. This paper reports on a combined qualitative-quantitative methodology aimed at exploring socio-cultural; non-technical barriers discouraging BPS integration; from UK architects’ perspectives. A storyline of phenomena consisting of three levels; architects’ professional identities, attitudes towards BPS and collaboration with BPS specialists, is deduced using a grounded theory-inspired coding procedure. These are validated by way of descriptive statistics and frequencies from a quantitative follow-up. The paper concludes that long-term solutions, addressing differences in professional paradigms, are required rather than rapid response softwarelevel and/or interface improvements.
Pages: 332 - 339