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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


Combined Energy Simulation and Multi-Criteria Optimisation of a LEED-Certified Building

Markku Salminen, Matti Palonen, Kai Sirén

Abstract: The target of the described study was to gain some experience in applying combined energy simulation and multi-criteria optimisation to a real building which was going to be LEED-certified. The building is a two-storey shopping centre. For energy simulations a model of the building was created. The simulation tool used was IDA-ICE, which is a software accepted for LEED energy simulation. The simulation program was combined with an in-house implemented Pareto-archive NSGA‐II algorithm. Two objective functions were used: first the amount of yearly purchased energy and second, the investments related to the design variables. Optimisation using a detailed LEED energy simulation model is computationally expensive for a large building. However, developing the approach further and integrating it to the planning process definitely offers huge possibilities.
Pages: 372 - 377