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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


Facade Renovation for a Public Building Based on a Whole-Life Value Approach

Qian Jin, Mauro Overend

Abstract: Façade design is a complex design and optimisation process. One of the difficulties is to understand how an existing building performs in the real world, which is essential to ensure the reliability of the building performance simulation used during façade design process. Another challenge is to devise a façade design option that represents the optimal trade-offs among different design objectives. This paper presents the use of a recently developed whole-life value based façade design and optimisation tool on a real-world façade renovation project. It illustrates the process of identifying the optimised façade. The principal outcome of the paper is a series of optimal façade solutions that improve the social, environmental and economic value of the building at a reasonable capital economic cost. The building performance simulation is validated by insitu measurements. The whole-life value based design approach produces optimal trade-offs between different design objectives and improves the quality of early stage design decisions.
Pages: 378 - 385