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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Toward A Tool To Optimize The Daylighting Into The Process Of Architectural Design –Reverse Approach–

Ahmed Motie Daiche, Said Mazouz, Safa Daich, Mohamed Yacine Saadi

Abstract: This paper traces the various steps of reasoning and development of a numerical model of dimensioning opening-elements based on the reverse approach of simulation of natural lighting. The model was developed by following two steps: firstly the calculation of the external light coming from a sky-element located in the celestial dome. Based on these data, a second numerical calculation was performed to generate the dimensions of an opening-element enabling to realize the daylight intentions of the designer. A method of comparative validation using standard softwares of daylight simulation and daylight optimization was subsequently adopted to test the reliability of the obtained values. Having regard to the pedagogical destination of the tool, the results of this research showed the opportunities that may offer a prospective integration of the developed model in the students’ awareness about the importance of daylight simulation. Therefore optimize the visual comfort and the energy efficiency inside the future buildings.
Pages: 616 - 623