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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


The Impact Of Climate Change On The Energy-Efficient Refurbishment Of Social Housing Stock In Italy

Leone Pierangioli, Gianfranco Cellai

Abstract: From the ‘40s to the late ‘70s, Italy implemented an extensive plan of public social housing. The building typologies and their urban aggregation plans have represented an high quality standard till today and well represented the national building stock; conversely, their energy performance is extremely poor, and their energy-efficient refurbishment have a key role in the national targets of GHG emissions reduction. For these reasons, by historical research and survey of 145 social housing buildings, a building typology matrix with six references building has been identified, in analogy with IEE TABULA project. Then, some typical refurbishment measures have been analysed in term of global costs and energy response to climate change. The results of this study show that the measures with moderate performance level can be considered the most favorable in term of global costs reduction for the most of the economic and climatic scenarios considered.
Pages: 146 - 153