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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Optimal Design Of Energy Conversion Units And Envelopes For Residential Buildings

Thomas Schütz, Lutz Schiffer, Hassan Harb, Marcus Fuchs, Dirk Müller

Abstract: The optimal design of buildings is a complex task involving energy systems as well as construction measures. Typically, in exact optimization models, only energy systems are considered, whereas envelope components are neglected. When considering both, heuristics are commonly used, which do not guarantee optimal or close to optimal results. Thus, this paper presents a building model that can be used in exact optimization problems for simultaneously considering energy systems and building envelopes. The developed model is based on ISO 13790 and verified according to ASHRAE 140 and further compared to a more detailed model. The findings show that the developed model fulfills the ASHRAE requirements for heating and cooling loads. The model computes similar heat demands as the more detailed model; however, cooling loads differ. Since our focus is on heating systems, the model is suitable for this application. The simultaneous optimization of energy system and envelope is further demonstrated for a residential building.
Pages: 9 - 16