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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


A Holistic Modelling Framework For Retrofitting Hard-To-Treat Homes In London: Energy, Comfort, Cost And Value Propositions

Ram Joshi, Anna Mavrogianni

Abstract: This study proposes a holistic framework to aid stakeholders make informed decisions for the retrofit of Hard-to-Treat homes, i.e. properties that cannot accommodate cost-effective or ‘staple’ fabric energy efficiency measures. The impact of fabric retrofit measures in compliance with Part L1B and EnerPHit on space heating energy consumption and summer overheating was assessed in typical Hard-to-Treat London mid- and end-terraced dwelling archetypes using the IES VE dynamic thermal simulation software. Wall insulation, depending on its position (internal or external) and its thickness, was found to be most effective in reducing space heating loads (3048%) and combined application of the tested measures indicated a potential reduction in the range of 40-55%. However, internal wall insulation was found to increase the risk of summer overheating beyond the 2030s under the Medium and High emissions climate change scenarios with its severity varying depending on the provision of climate change adaptation measures. The thermal modelling outputs were combined with a cost benefit analysis for each retrofit package to generate value propositions for residents and homeowners, private investors and the Government.
Pages: 178 - 185