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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Hybrid Discret-Continuous Multi-Criterion Optimization For Building Design

Abbass RAAD, Van-Binh Dinh, Jean-Louis Coulomb, Benoit Delinchant, Frederic Wurtz

Abstract: This paper presents multi-physics modeling and optimization to design buildings by simultaneously treating the thermal comfort and the total cost (CAPES/OPEX). It focuses on real situations of the design of buildings in which it is required to use real components (Material Database) and to resolve the mixed continuous discrete optimization problem. This optimization will be ensured, thanks to the optimization software of our lab (FGot¹ or the commercial version GOT-It²) using GMGA (Grid Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm). The coupling between optimization and the building model is integrated using a RESTful Web Service (HTTP protocol). The aim of the optimization is to find the optimal settings for the design of the studied building, regarding insulation, windows, etc… while targeting energy performance, comfort and economic goals. It is thus a multi-criterion optimization that can be reached by a weighted mono-objective method or by finding optimal Pareto front. So in this paper, we are dealing with global modelling for optimization purpose, model and optimization algorithm coupling, mixed discretcontinuous optimization concerning database existing components.
Pages: 73 - 80