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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


CityGML Import And Export For Dynamic Building Performance Simulation In Modelica

Peter Remmen, Moritz Lauster, Michael Mans, Tanja Osterhage, Dirk Müller

Abstract: Energy supply of buildings in the urban context currently undergoes significant changes. To consider these changes in the energy systems and the buildings themselves, dynamic simulation, in particular the heat demand of multiple buildings, is one key element. The presented work introduces a methodology to use CityGML data sets for dynamic building simulation in Modelica. The framework includes the import of CityGML and the extraction of available geometric and semantic information. This information is mapped to a software tool called TEASER, which is available open-source ( The tool extends available information with statistical data and generates a Modelica model. To proof the concept, we apply the methodology on two use cases. The first use case shows the general workflow with a fictitious CityGML data set. The second use case demonstrates the capability to handle large data sets, using a CityGML file with more than 2,800 buildings with different level of detail.
Pages: 330 - 337