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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


An Advanced Tool To Visualize Results Of Parametric Analyses

Mattia Donato, Roberto Caria, Toby Clark, Gianluca Rapone, Giovanni Zemella

Abstract: Sensitivity and optimization analyses are used to explore a wide range of possible façade configurations during the first design phases. However, design teams fully benefit from these assessments very rarely as the available software tools might not be suitable or may deliver unclear results. This paper presents an approach to parametric analyses that aims at overcoming these limitations. A project specific and fully tailored post-processing tool was built to allow design teams to organically work together, saving time and resources. Different software were used to ensure flexibility and accuracy. Finally, a 3D linkage was developed to take into account the effect of the surrounding buildings. To conclude, this paper presents a new approach to parametric analyses that relies on an interactive, flexible and user-friendly tool, to help teams take full advantage of the first design phases.
Pages: 403 - 410