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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


A Simulation Based Optimization Approach For Determining The Optimum Energy Saving Solutions For Buildings

Aslihan Senel Solmaz, Fahriye Hilal Halicioglu, Suat Gunhan

Abstract: In this study, a simulation based optimization approach that combines variance based sensitivity analysis (VBSA) with multi-objective optimization (MOO) is implemented to determine the optimum energy saving solutions while optimizing the building heating and cooling energy savings and, Net Present Value (NPV) criteria simultaneously. Sketchup Open Studio plug-in is utilized for building energy modelling process. EnergyPlus dynamic simulation software, Matlab, Simlab and Microsoft Excel are all used together for the execution of VBSA. As for MOO process, GenOpt optimization package, EnergyPlus and Excel are used in an integrative way. The existing school building in the Western city of Izmir that represents a hot humid climate in Turkey is used as a case study to show the applicability of the approach. The case study results show that the proposed approach is capable of identifying the parts of the building to be primarily focused on and optimizing the building heating and cooling energy savings and NPV.
Pages: 274 - 281