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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Multi Objective Optimisation For The Minimisation Of Life Cycle Carbon Footprint And Life Cycle Cost Using Nsga Ii: A Refurbished High-Rise Residential Building Case Study

Simona Vasinton, Rokia Raslan

Abstract: This paper presents the application of Multi Objective Optimisation to a design decision-making process, which aims to minimise Life Cycle Carbon Footprint (LCCF) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) from cradle-tograve of a refurbishment intervention over a period of 60 years. The purpose is to compare the LCCF and LCC of the un-refurbished and refurbished solution of the case study with the optimal solution obtained using a multi-objective computational method. Results show that the application of this method in the decision–making process can achieve considerable carbon emission savings, while relatively smaller savings were recorded in terms of LCC. The LCCF of the optimal solution was 21% less than the refurbished solution and 67% less the un-refurbished solution. Compared to the LCCF assessment, the LCC analysis showed a smaller gap of about 5% between the refurbished and optimal solution, and about 16% between the un-refurbished and optimal solutions.
Pages: 608 - 615