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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Influence Of Design Conditions On The Distribution Of Optimal Window-To-Wall Ratio For A Typical Office Building In Japan

Liwei Wen, Kyosuke Hiyama

Abstract: This paper simulates a typical Japanese open office building to investigate the influence of design conditions on the distribution of optimal window-towall ratio (WWR). Results are expected to be adopted to create a recommended WWR range map for default value assignment in early performance simulations. The impact of lighting power density, climate conditions, window orientation, internal gain, and building scale are investigated. Results are discussed under the normal lighting power density of 10 W/m² and an assumed value of 5 W/m². A larger WWR is liable to be advantageous for CO2 emission reduction under the normal lighting power density in the main island of Japan. However, the distribution of optimal WWR is found to be sensitive to all the investigated design conditions when the lighting power density is reduced. A comparison study demonstrates that internal gain and building scale can be regarded as minimal influential conditions. Climate conditions and window orientation should be considered in the future map creation.
Pages: 57 - 64