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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


A Generative Performance-Based Design For Low-Cost Brickwork Screens

Sahar Abdelwahab, Yomna Elghazi

Abstract: Brick was employed in buildings’ facades as mediating terms to buildings aesthetics and low-cost. Recalling the inherent qualities of brick; aesthetic, economic, and environmental can enhance natural daylight qualities. Elegantly articulated perforated brickwork screen can provide an exhilarating play of light throughout the day, block direct sunlight and soften strong daylight while retaining some ventilation. Variation of brick arrangements creates unlimited patterns of light and shade, which could be parametrically optimized to achieve low-cost and efficient environmental performance. This paper is going to recall brick as a local and available construction material in Egypt for façade design by using generative design and simulation tools. Brick patterns are achieved by placing a single brick type into one of several possible positions within its framework. Research method will integrate different brick bonds’ configurations (shifting, rotating and stepping), with pre-programmed analysis data of environmental changes for identifying the most efficient daylight performance. In conclusion, this paper has developed configurations that facilitate the new ecological approach to traditional brick screen.
Pages: 481 - 488