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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Integrated Refurbishment Of Collective Housing And Optimization Process With Real Products Databases

Boris Brangeon, Emmanuel Bozonnet, Christian Inard

Abstract: Building information modeling (BIM) and optimization method should allow new design processes including multiobjective and integrated design. A methodology to use these tools is developed and discussed here for building refurbishment and energy performance. A collective housing building is used as a case study but also to get feedbacks and to finetune the method regarding real needs. This refurbishment operation is on-going and stakeholders are setting up a BIM oriented management of the refurbishment. Considering the real process technical difficulties, an automated method using statistical and manufacturer databases has been prototyped through ontology rules. Predefined templates are set up to estimate direct construction costs. This integrated-design method is then used together with an NSGA-II algorithm considering a set of refurbishment techniques. The cost-energy performance trade-off problem is to decide an optimal combination of construction methods with the objective of minimizing total cost and energy performance. The proposed automated method linked with BIM and real databases can overcome uncertainties and extend design alternatives.
Pages: 538 - 545