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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Optimum Atria Type In Terms Of Thermal Comfort For High Rise Office Buildings In The Semi-Arid Climate Of Middle East

Marveh Jaberansari, Hisham Elkadi

Abstract: Building sector is responsible for at least 40% of energy use in most countries worldwide around 33% of its energy is known to be used by HVAC systems in buildings. Tall buildings tend to have an increasing appetite for energy due to deep plans and provision of HVAC to maintain comfort levels especially in the Middle East with its hostile environmental conditions. However, the region has a tradition of successful climatic conscious design solutions; therefore, the paper aims to investigate the impacts of applying the traditional layout of courtyards to contemporary tall buildings in the form of atria. It also examines through a simulation technique the comparative energy consumption in relation to a number of different atria layouts. Moreover, it provides insight of the differences in energy consumption to maintain comfort levels of different layouts in tall office buildings. Dynamic Thermal Simulation (DTS) tool called Design Builder is used to achieve the aim. The software provides results of the prototypes over an annual period of time. By using Design Builder DTS tool the optimum form of atria type has been verified in semi- arid climate for rectangular and square plan shapes. It is concluded that rectangular shape buildings aligned on the eastwest axis with atria orientated towards south seem to be the best option in using less energy to provide thermal comfort annually.
Pages: 464 - 472