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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Low-Rise Commercial Buildings Optimization – Energy Performance And Passive Cooling Potential In France

Emmanuel Bozonnet, Remon Lapisa, Marc Abadie, Patrick Salagnac

Abstract: Large indoor volumes and lightweight materials characterize low-rise commercial buildings. Thermal and visual comfort is a commercial issue usually solved with air conditioning and artificial lightings. This could be considered in the building envelope design itself, throughout a passive building design. These envelopes are characterized by high thermal interactions of ground floor and roof surface to environment. In order to optimize energy performance and passive thermal strategies, several parameters have been selected: thermal insulation of various walls, natural ventilation, roof radiative characteristics, windows and skylights surfaces. The proposed optimization process has been developed considering both mitigation objectives of energy consumption and summer thermal discomfort. Moreover, we consider here all French climates, with passive cooling only for summer, and climate change effects. Using NSGA-II optimization algorithm, this study points out that optimal solutions depend greatly on climate characteristics. For stakeholders, the optimal design can be chosen given the Pareto front results, and compromises are mapped for France considering both objectives and construction costs. This methodology and the numerical results can be helpful for design guidelines of new commercial building or refurbishments as the proposed study is based on a typical low-rise building for commercial.
Pages: 106 - 113