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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Automated Optimum Geometry Generation Of A Building For The Minimization Of Heating And Cooling Energy Demands

Ala Hasan, Teemu Vesanen, Nusrat Jung, Riikka Holopainen

Abstract: This paper reports first results of our work in using simulation-based optimization in automatic generation of building shapes considering multiple objectives, variables and constrains. An optimization problem is presented for finding the optimum geometry solutions for an office building that has a basic cross-shape. The problem is solved as a twoobjective optimization problem with the aim of finding the optimal trade-off solutions between the cooling energy and heating energy as two conflicting objectives. The solutions are generated by redistributing the building’s zones in four orientations and selecting the number of floors while keeping the total floor area of the building constant. Different challenges were faced in the representation of the building with undefined exact dimensions in the simulation program during the optimization process. The optimal solutions showed the trends of the distribution of the zones and the number of the floors and gave guidance for exploring other new solutions.
Pages: 258 - 265