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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Performance Implications Of Fully Participating Furniture And Fittings In Simulation Models

Jon Hand

Abstract: Many simulation teams create models of empty buildings e.g. without furnishings and fittings. This paper explores what happens if sunlight actually falls on desks and chairs and filing cabinets rather than the floor as well as what happens if interior artefacts were treated with the same rigour as facades by the simulation engine. Typically increasing model resolution is a tedious process and added detail if included, may not be fully utilised. To explore removing such barriers, a data store of pre-defined entities, which include provenance, visual form, explicit thermophysical composition, light distributions and mass flow attributes has been introduced in ESP-r. ESP-r facilities for calculating view-factors and insolation distributions have been updated to include this extended data model. Issues related to creating and managing such entities is discussed and the impacts of their use is quantified via case studies.
Pages: 563 - 571