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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


BIM Based Clash Detection Applications: Potentials And Obstacles

Mohamed Magdy Nour

Abstract: Clash detection is a main advantage for using BIM technology. Despite the fact that there are already existing efforts and software tools in this domain, it has reached a plateau; where the flexibility of defining and managing clashes and performing accurate geometrical clash detection represents a main obstacle that hinders further developments in such a domain. This paper addresses both the semantics as well as the geometrical aspects of BIM clash detection. It presents the potential of available algorithms and technologies to perform such operations in order to enhance such BIM functionality with relevance to end users as well as software developers. An easy to trace prototype is used to demonstrate some of such functionalities based on an IFC Java toolbox and a Java3D viewer that are developed by the author. Furthermore, this paper presents potential interoperability benefits that can be gained and puts forward some guidelines for the further development in this domain.
Pages: 546 - 554