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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Building Performance Simulation Of Advanced Energy Technologies To Achieve Net Zero Energy Dwellings In UK

Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg

Abstract: This paper systematically presents the methodology and initial findings from modelling and simulation of advanced energy conservation, generation and management technologies applied to two case study dwellings to achieve a net zero energy (NZE) target. The specific objectives are to meet the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive as follows: reduction of net regulated energy to or below 0 kWh/m² per year and generation of at least 50 kWh/m² per year, on average, in the NZE settlement. The findings reveal that to meet the specific targets set out for the project aligned with the EU Directive: • A majority of technological intervention must come from community renewables, • buildings built to current UK Building Regulations, will need to reduce regulated loads by about half, and • the NZE targets in particular are not particularly stringent regarding energy efficiency but are highly expectant with regard to renewable energy.
Pages: 514 - 521