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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016: Third Conference of IBPSA-England


Energy Performances Of Future Dynamic Building Envelopes

Julian Wang, Liliana Beltran

Abstract: Innovative building envelopes have become more adaptive and interactive by responding to external climatic conditions and internal user comfort desires in ways that enhance energy performance and indoor comfort levels. Several emerging smart materials, such as variable-conductance vacuum insulation that operates by changing hydrogen gas pressure, thermal adaptive coatings made by electronic fibers, and various sandwiched walls with controllable thermal properties, all present a rapid development in the materials field and vast implementation potential in building envelopes. This research used a parametric simulation method that couples an optimization approach to access the potential energy savings of the dynamic building envelopes, as compared to the other three reference models in four cities representing four different climate zones. The findings indicate that the dynamic properties of the building envelopes significantly reduced the heating and cooling loads and peak demands of the buildings in the four cities.
Pages: 579 - 584