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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Daylight Performances in Typical Inner Spaces with Climate-Based Daylight Modeling Approach

Tiziano Dalla Mora, Annalisa Leorin, Giovanni Nardo, Nicola Busatto, Fabio Peron

Abstract: This paper aims to study the daylight behaviour into internal spaces by dynamic lighting simulations, it considers the relationship between lighting level and the indoor spaces design, character and appearance by the evaluation of several daylight metrics. This study considers two types of approaches for daylight calculation: the conventional Daylight Factor approach (DF) and the dynamic Climate-Based Daylight Modeling approach (CBDM). A state of the art about available software is presented in order to assess lighting performances and to compare the obtained results, trying to give an explanation in case of either similar or different values. Different simulation tools are evaluated with a selection among the most widespread software (Radiance, Autodesk Ecotect, Daysim, Diva for Rhino).
Pages: 1 - 8