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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Phase Change Materials in Buildings: Combined Optimisation of Melting-Peak Temperature and Melting Temperature Range.

Gilles Baudoin, Geoffrey van Moeseke

Abstract: Phase Change Materials (PCMs) offer new opportu-nities to optitnise thermal mass. The melting tem-perature is a key aspect of PCM selection, which can be characterised by the melting-peak temperature Tm and the melting temperature range Δ Tm. While Tmp has been studied extensively, little research has focused on Δ Tm. This study investigates the optimal combination (Tnp, ATm) by simulating a test-cell based on a nearly zero-energy office building in a temperate climate. Our results show that the optimal Tmp varies slightly with Δ Tm for heating and cooling energy demand indicators while aggregated indicators can be more influenced by Δ Tm.
Pages: 104 - 111