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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Calculation Examples Using the NETS Simulation Program as a General-Purpose Network Model for Heat, Air, and Gas Movement in Buildings

Atsumasa Yoshiura, Hiroyasu Okuyama, Mao Yamaguchi, Nanase Ishigaki, Ryunosuke Harada, Tatsuki Someya

Abstract: The method of thermal response factors for walls is one of the main ways to calculate heating and cooling loads, but it runs into problems when considering, for example, the aeration layer in a wall. On the other hand, computational fluid dynamics is used to calculate the airflow and temperature distribution in indoor spaces, but it is ill suited for calculating the long-term thermal load of buildings. As an engineering model with few of the restrictions of these conventional models, the thermal and airflow network model has long been known. However, it refers to several distinct models in that the modeling concepts and computational theory vary from one researcher to another. In this paper, we introduce a certain type of network model, the calculation program NETS, and application examples.
Pages: 124 - 131