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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Environmental and Economic Impact of Demand Response Strategies for Energy Flexible Buildings

Thibault Quentin Péan, Jaume Salom, Joana Ortiz

Abstract: The present work develops research to exploit the energy flexibility of buildings through rule-based controls. A novel signal representing the marginal CO2 emissions of the electricity grid is created, and its calculation methodology detailed, so that it can be applied to other energy systems. This signal is used as an input by a rulebased controller acting on the indoor temperature setpoint of a residential building equipped with a heat pump. Through this set-point modulation, the energy use of the heat pump is displaced towards periods of lower CO2 intensity. A similar method is applied with an electricity price signal, and both strategies are compared in terms of energy, CO2 emissions and monetary costs. The two rulebased controls perform in a relatively similar way in the heating season (although with improvements of different amplitudes), while especially the price-based modulation produces adverse effects in the cooling season.
Pages: 277 - 283