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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Integration of Thermal Simulations in REVIT for Decision Support and National Building Code Compliance

Steffen Petersen, Andreas Bøving, Christine Nielsen

Abstract: A survey amongst Danish practitioners suggests that a main barrier for early use of energy simulations to inform design decisions is excessive time needed for manual extraction of geometrical data needed for whole-building energy calculations according to Danish rules and regulations. This paper presents a plug-in to Revit that enables thermal performance evaluations for decision support and Danish building code compliance to be executed directly from REVIT, i.e. without the need for time-consuming parallel modelling. The plug-in is reliable in terms of extracting geometry data according to Danish rules and passing it to Be15 (the mandatory tool for documenting EPBD compliance), and to the dynamic thermal simulation tool ICEbear if the user follows a few general rules in the modelling.
Pages: 407 - 413