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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


What are the Implications of Building Simulation Algorithm Choice on Indoor Overheating Risk Assessment?

Giorgos Petrou, Anna Mavrogianni, Phil Symonds, Ivan Korolija, Anastasia Mylona, Rokia Raslan, Dane Virk, Mike Davies

Abstract: Building performance simulation tools commonly offer several algorithm options for most heat transfer processes being modelled. The impact of this choice on indoor overheating risk, assessed using the criteria described in the CIBSE Technical Memorandum 59, was quantified for a naturally ventilated dwelling archetype in two popular tools. By selecting nondefault algorithm options, the predicted overheating risk changed from high to low for 33% of the cases in tool A and doubled the predicted overheating hours in certain rooms in tool B. Given these findings, modellers should carefully decide on the algorithms being used and publish them for increased transparency.
Pages: 422 - 429