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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Improving the Building Performance and Thermal Comfort of an Office Building to Reduce Overheating Risk

Heba Elsharkawy, Sahar Zahiri, Bertug Ozarisoy

Abstract: In recent decades, efficient design of office buildings has become increasingly important due to its direct impact on occupants’ health, wellbeing, and productivity. Research found that issues within the indoor environment of the workplace, such as poor ventilation, lighting, and high levels of harmful gases and air borne particles has a significant influence on reduced productivity. This study aims to investigate the issues of overheating and propose strategies for retrofit of a modern office building in London as a case study. To achieve the research aim; a quantitative research methodology is adopted comprising three methods of data collection and analysis; a survey questionnaire, indoor data monitoring, and dynamic thermal modelling and simulation. The results show a significant improvement in the building thermal performance by retrofitting the building roof envelope where the indoor air temperature reduced from 29.3 to 26.9°C hence potential improvement of occupants’ thermal comfort.
Pages: 438 - 444