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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Shape Memory Alloy Shading Systems: An Optimization Model

Yahya Hassan Gamal, Omar Mohamed Mowafy

Abstract: Smart materials that react to heat energy have a potential of usage as shading system components; shape memory alloys (SMA) are one of those materials. SMAs can transform heat into a change in form, introducing movable shading systems without using electricity. However, only tools targeting micro-scale simulations of SMA materials are present. Thus, the paper focuses on introducing a simulation script for a SMA building envelope based on archsim radiation tool. Using a multi-variable optimization tool, the paper explores variable form changing SMA shading screen designs. The overall resultant shows a flexible macro-scale simulationoptimization tool for SMA shading devices.
Pages: 488 - 494