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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Heavy Weight Thermal Calibration and Validation Methodologies: from Modelling to Full Scale Built Test Cells in Lebanon

Philippe Saleh, Rosa Schiano-Phan, Colin Gleeson

Abstract: Research on building energy model calibration have specific validation protocols dealing with either monthly or yearly energy values. Research based on calibrating buildings’ temperature behaviour rely on the same energy validation protocols rather than on specific temperature ones. This paper reports on research undertaken on the temperature performance of heavyweight construction in Beirut, Lebanon and on its optimal calibration. The objective is to apply energy base protocols on temperature calibration, on two different cases: a living in apartment with uncontrollable patterns of usage, and a much strict controllable environment. Furthermore, the paper will check whether calibration for one period will remain valid when tested on another period, and finally, how to carry on with further simulations when studying performance and envelope upgrades.
Pages: 495 - 502