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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Comparative Analysis of Protocols Used in Measurement and Verification of Energy Performance: Dealing with Practical Issues of Data Availability and Granularity in a UK School Building

Nishesh Jain, Esfand Burman, Dejan Mumovic, Michael Davies, Andrew Tindale

Abstract: Validation of energy models is an important aspect in ascertaining confidence in using these models for applications such as evaluating the scope of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). This paper reports of calibration of an energy model of a school building in the UK using various validation methods being used in the industry. During this process the paper looks at design stage performance projections and subsequently various causes of performance gap in the building. It also reflects on practicalities of data collection such as shortcomings in the metering strategies that could be addressed for model calibration.
Pages: 503 - 510