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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


A Decision Support Tool for EPC Contract design using Grey Box / parameter approximation Approach

Sadaf Alam, Raymond Sterling, Magdalena Hajdukiewicz, Marcus M Keane

Abstract: Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), a market mechanism provided by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), has been widely used as one of the most common contracting models for guaranteeing energy efficiency expectations and to improve energy efficiency. Guaranteed energy savings serves as the base for EPC process and the overall stability of the EPC strongly depends on it, as the energy efficiency investments are repaid directly from predicted achieved energy savings. However, prediction of guaranteed energy savings becomes challenging at the time of scarce technical data availability. The objective of the paper it to present a case study for the use of a simulation-based decision support tool to support accurate energy savings predictions within a recognised Energy Performance Contracting business model. Grey-box models are based on the prior physical knowledge in the form of reduced order. The increased flexibility of reduce order modelling allows detailed simulation of real behaviours of the cooling and heating system, of end users, thus providing robust accurate predictions of the energy consumption of buildings in the real operating conditions. The Case study chosen for this research study is the IRISH pilot for HIT2GAP EU-Horizon 2020 funded project.
Pages: 519 - 526