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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


The Effect of Thermal Insulation and User Behaviour on Energy Consumption and Comfort of Residential Houses

Dóra Szagri, Balázs Nagy

Abstract: The paper discusses the analysis of an insulated and an uninsulated residential building based on in-situ measurements and calibrated numerical simulations. We monitored the energy consumption, temperature and humidity conditions in two family houses with residents living inside during a heating season in Hungary. To calibrate the simulation, we tried different parameter dependent ventilation, shading and occupancy models to simulate the residents’ behaviour. Additionally, we studied the effects of different user behaviour on energy consumption and comfort of the residential buildings. Based on results, it can be stated, that the residents have to adapt their behaviour to the posteriorly thermal insulated buildings, since the same user behaviour in the insulated and uninsulated building results in different internal comfort, therefore e.g. the residents should ventilate more often in case of insulated buildings; otherwise the relative humidity reaches an unacceptable level in the house.
Pages: 581 - 588