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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Influence Of Façade Details On Early Design Decisions Regarding Daylight Performance Of Neighborhoods

Minu Agarwal, Luisa Pastore, Marilyne Andersen

Abstract: Neighborhood form and building facade design are key drivers of indoor daylight performance. Architectural design at the neighborhood scale starts with massing scheme proposals and other design specifications including façade design are typically enriched sequentially in subsequent design stages. In this study, we simulate multiple pairs of early design massing schemes and compare their daylight performance at sequentially increasing façade level of detail (fLOD). We found the design-decision between two schemes to be more robust at high window-wall ratios (WWR) as the difference in the estimated daylight performance of two massing schemes was amplified at high WWR. At medium and low WWR, the performance difference between the massing schemes, and the resulting design-decision depended on the façade design choices such as the distribution of openings across different orientations and balcony design. Also, at high stringency in decision criteria (i.e. requirement of higher margin of difference in performance), higher fLODs were found to improve the accuracy of decision.
Pages: 605 - 612