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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Modelling of Window Operating Behavior in Open-plan Offices

Tiance Liu, Xin Zhou, Xing Shi, Xing Jin

Abstract: Window operating behaviour has an important influence on ventilation and energy consumption of offices. However, the previous study mainly focuses on single offices. The window operating behaviour in the open-plan office, influenced by cluster and conformity psychology, window operating behaviour is typical, while showing complex, random and diverse characteristics. In this paper, Questionnaire and field measurements were used to collect the data of an open-plan office. Based on the mathematical probability functions which described the quantitative relationship between the status of the window and the influence factors, this paper constructs a multivariate polynomial linear fitting stochastic model to simulate the window operating behaviour in the open-plan office. 100-times simulations were performed to verify the model. The simulated results show the characteristics consistent with the measured results on the open rate, outdoor temperature/time distribution. This calculation model is a beneficial supplement for the energy consumption simulation software in the window state prediction module.
Pages: 672 - 678