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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2020: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-England


London School Building Stock Model for Cognitive Performance Assessment

Jie Dong, Yair Schwartz, Ivan Korolija, Anna Mavrogianni, Dejan Mumovic

Abstract: Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humankind in the 21ˢᵗ century. In the building sector, a warming climate will significantly alter building occupant health, comfort and wellbeing. School buildings in the UK, in particular, might face additional challenges, such as indoor overheating risks due to high internal gains in classrooms, and their current reliance on natural ventilation, which might offer limited cooling capacity in the future, while simulation and assessment of students’ exposure to built environment is limited. This paper presents a methodological framework for modelling cognitive performance of students at population level and applies the framework in the case of London secondary schools to calculate and evaluate students’ cognitive performance level under different climate scenarios. The aim of the present study is to explore the applicability of this framework on investigating the impacts of ongoing and future climate change on schoolchildren’s cognitive performance levels. Using the PDSP (Property Data Survey Programme) dataset and a basic set of school building archetypes for London, a set of archetype models was developed. Weather files based on existing Test Reference Years (TRY) incorporating the UK Climate Projections 2009 scenarios were used for EnergyPlus dynamic simulation. It was found that outdoor temperature, building geometry and ventilation rates can function as reliable predictors of students’ cognitive performance. Future work will include a sensitivity analysis aiming to identify the relative importance of these factors as part of ongoing research.
Pages: 237 - 244