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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2020: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-England


Theory and reality: a Comparative analysis of standard and real building usage and impact of input simplifications

Miklos Horvath, Helga Kovacs, Viktoria Vamos, Zsofia Deme Belafi, Tamas Csoknyai

Abstract: Designers can select between different energy performance calculation models starting from simplified typology-based seasonal methods to detailed dynamic building simulation tools. Results are significantly influenced by the model simplifications. However, even the most complex and precise model can lead to false results if the necessary set of inputs are not properly determined. In real life conditions, it is often the case that input data are roughly estimated as exact specification is not possible due to time or budgetary limitations. One of the most disputable set of input parameters are related to occupants’ behaviour and building operation. Current paper compares different calculation models and occupant profiles based on standardised and measured values. Results are compared to real time consumption data from smart meters. Typical false operation modes are investigated to quantify the wasted energy as a consequence. The gap between standardised and real occupant behaviour coming out of two case study examples can help decision makers and improve knowledge to better consider the human factor in building energy modelling.
Pages: 121 - 128