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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2020: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-England


Re-defining ‘activity’ in buildings to reflect stochastic energy demand: a functional data analysis approach

Rebecca Ward, Ruchi Choudhary

Abstract: In building energy simulation, time variations of internal loads and lighting are typically defined as hourly schedules based on occupant-related ‘activities’ assigned to each building zone. This approach does not consider the stochastic variability of occupant-related actions in buildings, and is often one of the main reasons why model predictions fail to match actual energy consumption. At the same time there is a wealth of metered consumption data becoming available. In this paper a novel data-centric bottom up functional data analysis model is used to examine how well the so-called ‘activities’ in a building correlate with its energy demand for plug loads and lighting. As a result, new classifications for plug loads based on activity and for lighting based on the control strategy are proposed.
Pages: 9 - 16