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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2020: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-England


Glare-Based Control Strategies for Automated Roller Shades and Blinds in Office Buildings: A Literature Review

Jiarong Xie, Azadeh Omidfar Sawyer, Omer Tugrul Karaguzel

Abstract: Automated shading systems have been used in office buildings to balance the benefits and disadvantages of daylight ingress from the window, and to create a more productive and sustainable work environment for the occupants. Previous studies have indicated that glare is the main factor driving occupants to interact with the shading devices, suggesting that glare prevention should be the primary goal for automated shading control. This paper reviews glare-based dynamic shading control methods from the literature, seeking to find or propose practical solutions that are capable of balancing control, cost, complexity and feasibility in real-world applications. Various control methods are categorized, and their advantages and shortcomings, as well as their performance and feasibility in practice, are described and discussed. The methods implemented by shading manufacturers are also summarized for a more comprehensive review. Conclusions and research gaps are summarized and suggested avenues for future research are presented. Addressing these gaps is critical for the optimal control of automated shading systems in office buildings, especially open-plan offices, to facilitate the continued progress of the sustainable building movement.
Pages: 154 - 161