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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2020: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-England


Study on Energy Simulation Methods of Atriums in Shopping Malls

Ye Yuan, Gang Liu, Rui Dang, Fangli Yan

Abstract: The phenomenon of dynamic temperature stratification in atriums makes existing simulation methods by setting the whole space as one temperature have obvious defects, especially for shopping malls with continuously occupied walkways, multiple linearly distributed atriums, and continuous air exchange among internal spaces. This paper attempts to explore an accurate and efficient energy simulation method based on the atrium temperature stratification and characteristics of shopping malls. Huaifang Wanda, a typical shopping mall in northern China was selected to conduct on-site measurements and comparative analysis. The temperature distribution of atriums was first measured on both a typical summer and winter day to identify the characteristics of temperature stratification in shopping malls. The measurement results were then utilized as guidance for different modelling methods of atrium zone divisions. Validations for temperature distribution and energy consumption were carried out to assess both accuracy and efficiency according to the requirements of mean bias error (MBE). Results found the temperature stratification in atriums was more significant in higher floor areas, and the maximum vertical temperature difference exceeded 6 ℃ within one day. Results also found the multi-zone model by dividing atriums horizontally can be used for energy simulations of atriums, and it was more accurate with the increment of zone division numbers. Given the trade-off between accuracy and efficiency, a simulation approach for atriums in shopping malls was finally proposed. This study contributes to the academic literature by first revealing characteristics of temperature stratification in atriums of shopping malls, and it is also of practical importance as providing an energy simulation method for the design work of architects.
Pages: 213 - 220