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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2022: 6th Conference of IBPSA-England


Ranking the Thermal Caliber of Capacitive Building Envelopes Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Isha Rathore, Elangovan Rajasekar
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Abstract: Thermal response of building envelopes is driven by the thermal resistance, capacitance, and configuration of the envelope. However, thermal capacity has been majorly neglected in the performance assessments of envelopes. This study presents a novel approach for efficiently ranking capacitive building envelopes using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). A thermodynamic Esp-r model of a residential building located in Ahmedabad, India, is developed. Thermal performance of 27 envelopes of varying thermal capacity are ranked using DEA for four major orientations. It is observed that capacitive envelopes exhibit higher thermal calibre in south and east exposed scenarios compared to north and west scenarios.
Keywords: Thermal Caliber, Capacitive Building Envelopes, Data Envelopment Analysis, Thermal Performance, Ranking